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springbulb81 | 13:12 Mon 18th Feb 2008 | Law
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I know the name and address of a known cocaine dealer in the area. I want to report it but how do I go about it anomonously?


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Have you tried Crimestoppers ? 0800 555 111

More info here
call crimestoppers. 0800 555 111
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Local Council or Police is not the way, to many inside people, we all know the councillors and mayors love a bit of the white stuff.
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You can pass the name to your neighbourhood police team, but it is possible that they already are aware of the individual concerned. They will probably ask you how you know this information; is there any way that you can prove he is a drug dealer? I mean to say, it may seem obvious to all and sundry but that does not mean that the person actually IS a drug dealer. Have you seen large amounts of drugs at his / her property / on their person? Have you actually witnessed somebody giving them money in exchange for drugs? Without evidence there is very little the police can do, but should other witnesses come forward and also report the same person then the police could set up surveillance operations / increase spot checks, etc.
find out the email of your local plod, then go to an internet cafe, take out any old gmail/hotmail account and send them what you know.
tell it to the media. call up several newspapers and tv stations and tell them.
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very funny chaterbox
Phone Crimestoppers. They will not ask the name and address of yourself and will follow the case through. No point going to Police, they are into the stuff too.
I have been trying to report a international drugs ring for three years

The Police Embassies Europol the UK press CID Holland

no-one give a ****.
I know many dealers in Amsterdam

But who cares

Its seem its just the small time dealer way down the line from the grower are all the police care about.

so why bother about class a b c
its all ********
Oh by way Crimestoppers .... useless too
let's dob every detail on here, I'll start the first one

To ALL law enforcers the flats in the Bush Fair Shopping area in HARLOW Essex has many drug dealers . . . it seems that Crimestoppers don't any results from Essex police, if only Harlow was in Hertfordshire
We know of the biggest drug dealer in town n district I have given police percific details of everything as I live next door this woman dealer n partner are frothing at the mouth with greed won't stop police don't give a damn I think there in on it too who else can I contact to bust these beees as crimestoppers are a joke police R a joke local member a joke centerlink is a joke there must be a way citizens can bust these mugs to save lives in the cominity

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reporting a drug dealer

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