Passport confusion

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jazzyjeff | 12:03 Mon 28th Jan 2008 | Law
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I travelled to the usa last year june 07 and came back sep 07. I then went back a week later as i was going to New York with friend. The would not let me back in and told me i had to go to london to get a b2 tourist visa. I did this and got my visa. I then went back me this girl planned to get married but we broke up and i ended up staying 3 months past my visa. Now i know my passport got flaged the secnd time they did not let me in. But i then lost my passport in the states had a new one sent to me via washington and came back to the uk. My pareants have divorced and iam taking my mom's last name. I was just wondering with the new passport now will my passport still be flagged or would it be safe to enter the united states without a visa. Iam thinking of going through a canadian check point.


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You are pushing your luck and it is not to be recommended.
No one on this site can guess what data the US Immigration have on you, or their ability to cross-check. But you'd better believe that the global hunt for terrorists involves cross-checking persons in much more sophisticated ways than mere name-checks.
You are likely to be turned around and put on the next plane back again.
Going thro' Canada is no 'soft option' we were held up for ages going thro from Canada to Us as a trainee had removed / left in the wrong card portion in Mr Senses passport, we were gone over with a fine toothcomb I can assure you. Thankfully they stopped short of donning a pair or rubber gloves - lol.
Going through a Canadian check point won't help. They have - even at the remotest crossing - all the same facilities as at a major airport and rather more time to investigate and make a decision. The only blessing is that they can't send you home - only back to Canada.

I once spent nearly half an hour getting across at a minor crossing in northern Maine - all very friendly and chatty but just slooow. During that time no-one else arrived to cross.

And don't bother applying for a visa either - your overstay means you will be refused.
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First off i want to thank you all for replying i really do appreciate it. Iam going to go to the states with my new passport and hope for the best. I spoke to a visa company and explained my situation and the also said it was worth a try but still risky. It will be a case of theres only one way to find out as i know for sure i will not get a visa.

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Passport confusion

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