No contract of employment, 3 months employed, do I have any rights?

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mj2000uk | 22:08 Wed 05th Dec 2007 | Law
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Hi all

Perhaps you can help me.

I started a new job nearly 3 months ago and it was a bad decision and I am about to resign.

In this time, I have not received a contract of employment and I dont know what my rights are as regard to giving notice to leave?

Can I just walk out or would it be best to get a contract from them and work to thew standard 4 week rule that will be written into it?

Thanks in advance.



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You can just leave. But may want to give a little notice if you want a reference, P45 and the correct final pay which should include your accrued holiday pay if any. I doubt you would have to give a months notice after just 3 months service anyway. Good luck.
The legal position is that unless the employment says something different, the employee has an obligation to give one week's notice if he/she has worked longer than one month. That is the statutory obligation. If you want to 'keep clean' I would do that - it's not too much of thing to do.
The employer is in breach of another statutory obligation - within two months of your start date, it should have given you written notice of the particualrs of your employement - and it didn't. There's a bunch of minimum things that must be provided - one of which is the details of the notice periods (on each side) that must be provided.
If they start getting shirty and want a month, just remind them of this.

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No contract of employment, 3 months employed, do I have any rights?

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