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dyson | 17:27 Sat 03rd Nov 2007 | Law
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Hi,Can anyone help with this querie before I get in touch with trading standards.
We have booked a holiday in Greece through Co-op travel, all we have paid so far is the �10-00 booking fee, now we find we can't go, nothing medical or serious. Co-op travel tell me that I still have to pay up all the deposits due on 17th November even though I have cancelled , Can anyone give me any advice, if it has to be paid I will pay it , but I need to be sure they are right first. Thanks


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Read the contract you were given. It will be there in black and white.

Without seeing the contract it is impossible to say.
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Ethel ,The booking was done by a friend for 30 people altogether so I didn't actually have a booking form ,but no doubt I can get hold of a copy .. Thanks
Are you saying you have pulled out of a booking for THIRTY people. If you have I can see that's a big blow to the holiday company, hotel and airline and the travel agent must have put in a lot of work recording 30 people's details etc. and sorting accommodation etc .

So I think you should expect to have to pay something, and that depends on the contract.but maybe you should try to negotiate a lower payment. How much deposit inTOTAL are you being asked to pay?
Can you tell us what the contract said about cancellations?
Co-Op will be 100% correct i'm afraid, however if you can't get hold of the booking form, try finding a brochure or looking to see on their web page.
Their website states...

Deposits must be paid by this date or with the balance 12 weeks prior to departure, whichever is sooner. In the event of a cancellation, any outstanding deposit must be paid in full.

Found on px?page=6
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Thanks everyone.. Just five of us pulling out by the way..The rest are all still going

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