Can market research companies contact people registered with the TPS?

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Hermia | 20:50 Wed 17th Oct 2007 | Law
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I have just had a call from someone from a market research company who was very pushy indeed. It took me ages to get rid of her and I am not unassertive. I do usually try to be polite to these people as I know they are just trying to earn a crust, but the only way I could get rid of her was by being a bit, erm, terse!

Anyway, I pointed out to her that I was signed up with the Telephone Preference Service and this was an unsolicited call. She said that wasn't relevant as they were not trying to sell me anything (she used that phrase about a zillion times). I just wondered if she was right or not.

I'm not intending to sue them or anything, I am just curious.



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I think the TPS only covers sales calls but what I find is that companies will ring with the pretence of a market research call and start asking questions about your mortgage then ask if their mortgage advisor can contact you. It's just sneaky as it's a sales call disguised as a research call Very annoying!
Research companies are permitted to call you even if you are in TPS.

Problem is that yes there are a few genuine research companies, but there are also those who try to use it as a lead into a sales call. That sales call, if you agree, won't count as unsolicited and will also be outside the scope of TPS.
I put the phone down to one side and then go back to it after I have finished what I was doing before they rang

I have also asked for their home phone number. When they ask why, I reply that I would like to call them at innocuous times of the day and night about a load of old rubbish LOL. Only used this once and then told them to remove my number from their lists

Also try saying 'Hello' 'Hello' over and over as if you can't hear them

We are also registered with the TPS and that has stopped lots of calls, but we also have our landline set up to refuse to accpet with held number and that stops the rest apart from some firm who call from India but they are easy to get rid of
I find that by asking them "are you my carer i need my bag to be emptied" does the trick
Alternatively, you could always just hang up?

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Can market research companies contact people registered with the TPS?

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