text message harrassment

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bond | 19:54 Fri 31st Aug 2007 | Law
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If i politely ask someone to stop texting me on my mobile phone, but they ignore this and send me at least one text everyday, even though the context of the message may not be harrassing (but the fact that I am still receiving unwanted messages from them is harrassing to me) can I still go to the police and report the person for harrassment ?


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You could report this the Police - the offence of harassment is made out if there is a course of conduct in this case the text messages which causes you harassment and which the sender knows or ought to know is causing you harrassment.

Given that you have told this person to stop but the messages have continued I would go to the Police. The person involved may only be given a warning in the form of a harassment notice but that should be sufficient
You can also block their number from your phone, that way, you won't receive the messages, ask your service provider.On some phones you can do it yourself, my teenage daughter did it for me.

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text message harrassment

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