Taking someones ashes abroad

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Curly13 | 00:03 Wed 15th Aug 2007 | Law
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Hi, i would appreciate any help possible with this please as i havnt a clue!...... we are moving to spain in a couple of months to join the rest of my family and i would like to take my mums ashes with us. is this possible/legal and if so, can someone point me in the right direction of who to contact first please...... i have her original death certificate, & im guessing i will need authority to do this but im not sure how to go about it.....


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There is no restriction on taking ashes to any EU country.

Where are the ashes now? Have they been interred?
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Great, thanks for that. They are in an urn, which we have placed in a pot in the garden with a rose on top. not sure what 'interred' means...... (sorry for my ignorance!)
I took my Dad's ashes to France to be interred (buried) there in his family plot. No problem, just let the airline or ferry operator know out of courtesy.
Sorry, interred is buried - if they were buried in a plot then you would need authority to dig them up, but as they are in your own garden there is no problem.

The authorities are not in the least interested in what you do with the ashes - to all intents and purposes they are your 'property' to do with as you like.

Put the urn in a strong polythene bag inside a cardboard box along with the documents. This should be enough to satisfy customs.

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A lot easier than what i thought, thanks for your help

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Taking someones ashes abroad

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