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Parking Mad | 18:50 Thu 12th Jul 2007 | Law
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12 July 2007

We have recently been issued with yet another parking penalty for parking on double yellow lines. The double yellow lines are not continuous and do not have stop ends. We have challenged the local authority regarding the validity of the penalty and have been advised that it is not their responsibility to maintain the markings only to ensure they are reasonably visible.
In the year 2006 we spent over �300 in fines and that was for just parking outside our house we have sent the Council many photos of the problems and all they say is PAY

Is it not the case that the markings are illegal if not continuous and without a stop end? Can we further challenge on this basis?

Also we have a residents parking scheme whereby we have to pay for permits to park in residents' bays. We have been allocated 7 parking bays for 17 houses and 6 further houses from an adjacent street. The local authority have increased the charge for a second permit and are phasing out third permits at present and will eventually phase out second permits.

Can we argue that they are not providing us with the service we are paying for because they have issued too many permits; we are forced to park on the double yellow lines and subsequently get fined? After all you don't pay to park in a car park without securing a space?

Please can you advise us accordingly?

Many Thanks
Parking Mad


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simple MOVE !!!!!!
The council do not have to provide parking at all so i'd not rock the boat too much they may withdraw all the permits and nick you all the time. You are technically correct about the markings but in reality it is clear you are abusing the situation rather than inadvertantly parking on "faded" double yellows. 2 choices move or get shot of the car!
Hi Parking Mad,
I understand how you feel because parking in my street is a nightmare, and I often cannot park within half a mile of my house.

Unfortunately, you do not have a legal right to park outside your house, nor do the council have a legal obligation to provide parking for you.

At the end of the day, you are parking illegally, and will have to pay the fines.

I have read several stories about people challenging fines due to no stop lines, and some of them have taken their cases to court, but I cannot think of a single one that managed to overturn the fine.

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Double yellow lines

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