neighbourly dispute

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mlz1974 | 20:04 Thu 07th Jun 2007 | Law
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when buying and selling a property do you have to declare a neighbourly dispute


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sorry i didnt explain the scenario clearly - the property next door was sold and the new owners were the parents of a previous neighbour whom had a dispute with us, the sellers offered this info to the new owners whom denied knowing the occupants with whom we had the dispute, it has since transpired that they are the parents - is there any legal recourse for this blatent lie made by the new owners who have subsequently commenced where there daughter left off and made our life quite unbearable with constant threats and torment
its a bit confusing but it sounds like you havent moved, and the people next door have moved and their parents have moved in?
if that is right then why should they have to tell you the truth about who they are or are not related to - that is their own private business
Looking at the facts presented... you have new neighbours.. the parents of your neighbours from hell? and they are continuing the problems???

I have personal experience in this area... sadly.

I assume that despite the Sellers Property Information Form (SPiF) being filled out incorrectly, the parents must have had some knowledge of the problems.. via verbal discussions... hence the continuing problems. On this basis .. technically, they have lied on a legal document, HOWEVER... they probably would have bought the house anyway, assuming they know about your dispute.

It would be very very costly initiating a civil action against them, as well as very unsafe. They will close ranks and you will not be able to prove Misrepresentation, as you were not a party to the contract.

There are other means you can beat Neighbours from Hell
It takes time.. determination and patience.

Take a look at .... there is lots of useful info and a friendly forum. Tell them JJ sent you!!!

Good luck..


PS If you want to give me some more details on here I would be glad to help if I can.
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hi there happy jo - thanks ever so much for your response, apologies for my inept description of the situation! i shall start from the begining(its usually easier that way) - bit long winded though so please dont snooze - we purchased our house 7yr ago and the then next door neighbour was a bachelor and things were great, he then moved his gf in later to be his wife and she began a single handed war against us, intimidating our daughter by driving at her etc, they then sold the property and a new unrelated family moved in, we explained the previous problems as they enquired after it had been declared to them a few issues when they purchased the house, everything was fine, they then sold the house due to marital split & consequentially sold to the parents of the original neighbours wife, however they mentioned the previous feud and the new owners(the parents) denied knowing their own daughter & the feud, however since their occupation they have continued in the lines of intimidation and frequently the daughter visits for added support to their cause - does this make sense and is it almost as long as war & peace, it feels it! so i am now really at my wits end as we have had suspicious damage to vehicles and property but without evidence - im just so tired of banging my head against the wall

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neighbourly dispute

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