cant get a job!!

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prettywoman | 10:35 Thu 07th Jun 2007 | Law
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i left my previous job due to poor health. unfortunately i never got along with my previous employer , i simply wasnt comfortable in his presence. i had a lot of personal problems at that time, and i felt i could not confide in my boss which made things difficult as he could never understand my absences from work or my behaviour whilst i was at work. i have been off work now for two years getting my life back together. i went for an interview for my dream job which i was very happy to get subject to references. my old employer gave me a bad reference, and the offer of employment was retracted. im feeling really depressed about this as i wanted that job so much. i now feel im never going to be able to get a job as my old employer will continue to give me bad references. i really dont no where to go from here...


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I think you should contact the Citizens Advice Bureau; I'm sure your previous employer is not allowed to give a BAD reference... but to simply refuse. Get this checked out; it may also be in your interests to be straight with any potential employers about your personal circumstances (but without too much detail) at that time, and explain you are now on the up and up - good luck
If you had a lot of time of work, your previous employer will be obliged to put that in your reference which could be why you had the job offer retracted.

Obviously your new employers won't know the reasons for the absences, they will just see that you had time off. Be honest with them in the interview and tell them, that way they won't be suprised when your references come through.
Of course previous employers can give bad references, so long as they are accurate and fair.

I would guess that the problem was with your absences which may have been enough to look bad on your reference.

I would suggest that after being off work for 2 years you should just perhaps try and get back into a job rather than your dream job and get another employer under your belt who will give a better reference.
dont lose heart prettywoman

i had 15 years off work to be at home with my children.
i decided 4 months ago to go back to work, i wrote a dozen letters, sent them off to potential employers and I have now been working at my present firm for 3 months, a job i absolutely love :-))

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cant get a job!!

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