Another Dodgy Internet Company!

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Sonak | 17:08 Fri 04th May 2007 | Law
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Can someone please help. We ordered 2 sofas from an internet company on the 27th Feb 2007. A deposit was requested which was payed via PayPal and then after the full payment, in total �999.

Still have not recieved the sofas and my partner has emailed the company countless times and all they have said is it will be delivered etc. Now they are not replying at all!! We have also found out that the contact number on the website has changed to a mobile number which we have called but no joy!
Is there anything I can do to get these sofas or even get a full refund a.s.a.p? What legal route can I take?
Thanks in advance


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I would call the police. Also contact Paypal and see what protection you have via their service.

Trading standards are also worth their weight.

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I have already contacted the police and they said that there is nothing they can do. My partner has already spoken with PayPal and they said that they can recall the money but its NOT guaranteed! Paypal advised us to contact the seller which we have been doing but we haven't had any response what so ever! We are in dispair!!!
Trading standards then...

You could take a civil action via the small claims court. However, looking at the facts.. it seems the company have gone underground, which suggests financial difficulty. You need to inform the company that unless you receive your sofa's within so many days, weeks etc.. you will be persuing a civil action.

If this company is 'Ltd'.... check their status at companies house. This can give an indication as to their accounts and whether they are up to date.

How did you transfer the monet into paypal?

If it was via a credit card, you may have some protection from them....

J x
You need to contact and report this to the Police. this sounds like an internet fraud to me. You need to take all documentary proof you have such as emails and statements and report it.
You must have a registered account with paypal and they can
track your payment etc and will assist the Police.

This is a criminal matter and not a civil one so dont be fobbed off.
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Hi Happyjo, my debit card & bank account are linked to PayPal, so I just made a payment through PayPal and they debited my bank account.

My main concern is that this 'so called' company may be non-existence.
I'm not sure if this is a (Ltd) company but how do I find out through a website as I'm not sure what you meant about 'checking the status at companies house'.
Is it allowed to state the company name/website on AnswerBank?

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Another Dodgy Internet Company!

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