Neighbour taking photographs of our garden-against the law?

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delmalinii | 13:17 Sun 15th Apr 2007 | Law
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Ok, quick summary-Our neighbour has previously been taken to court for throwing things into our garden and for shining torches across at our was something along the lines of harassment..this was a long time ago. She's since had to do community service. We had to have a 7ft wall erected for our privacy.
Now the nice weather is back again-yesterday she got her son to stand on their bench in their garden and take a photo of my dad sitting in the she breaking the law in any way? Does it constitute invasion of privacy?


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I'd ask them to be a bit more courteous & if they refuse, go back to the cops. Just don't try to take a picture of them as evidence as this'll similarly be instrusion.
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unfortunately, the lady has no communication skills whatsoever. We have tried reasoning with her before, to no avail. She doesn't think she's doing anything wrong (!?)
Just a thought,but have you ever considered getting a hose and drenching the nosy cow?
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haha...ooh yes that has ben considered..amongst other things!
With a few exceptions (which are embodied in such diverse legislation as the official Secrets Act and the Sexual Offences Act), anybody is entitled to take a photograph of anything, or anyone, as long as the photographer is on public land (such as a public footpath) or on their own property. (It's the location of the photographer, not of the subject of the photograph, which is relevant).

For example, it's perfectly legal to take a photograph of someone in their living room, through their window, if the photographer is on a public footpath. However, if the matter was reported to the police, they might</> consider whether 'generic' legislation (such as that relating to actions likely to cause a breach of the peace) could have been breached.

A friend suggests you have handy a large mirror and if its a sunny day reflect the sun into her eyes. She did it to a nosey, dirty old man neighbour who used to spy on her when she was sun bathing
Tell your dad to 'touch' himself if it happens again. Dirty old bird.

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Neighbour taking photographs of our garden-against the law?

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