right to buy council bungalow

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sunnyday2d | 21:01 Sun 01st Apr 2007 | Law
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hello my parents wish to purchase their council bungalow they are secure tennants and have some inheritence at the moment as they pay full rent at the moment they are thinking with this extra cash they have now that they could buy their home and there for in the future not claim housin benifit at all and be able to leave their children some inheritance in property , but oh no council say they do not have the right to buy ,as their bungalow is for the elderly only ie...over 60s. well is this not discrimination ? so they are willing to go to tribunal with our help... can any one advise or has had similar happen to them ?


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i would imagine that the council (who are the current "owners") have a right to say which properties casn be sold, and which cannot, and i'm sure they are protectd in law (although i have no basis for beliving this, other than the fact i think they ought to be)
personally, i think it's a good idea that bungalows are not sold, because where are they going to put pople in the future who cnt manage houses and flats? Imagine if your parents were disabled, and had to live in a 3rd floor flat that they couldn't even get out of, but couldnt be re housed bcause because there were no bungalows left? Actually, having said all of that, i dont really agree with "right to buy" anyway, as it completely reduces the housing stock.your parents might not even be in a council bungalow now if right to buy had come along earlier... there simply woulddn't be anywhere left to put them! now i know all of that dosent help you at all, and wasn't strictly what you were asking, but dont get cross with me please! I'm just asking you to consider it from another point of view, before taxpayers money is wasted going through a tribunal, or your parents waste what money they have on it. they will still be able to lave an inheritance, just in money, not bricks and mortar
S.11 of The Housing and Planning Act 1986: Right to Buy Provisions states:

Exceptions to the Right to Buy - Non-sheltered dwelling houses for persons of pensionable age

So your parents have NO right to buy their bungalow, and the council is acting legally and correctly.

More information here: uyingAndSellingYourHome/HomeBuyingSchemes/DG_4 001398
Sorry, Kazza, your posts were not there when I started looking for the relevant Act. :)
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thanks for your valid points,

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right to buy council bungalow

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