How do i go about representing myself in court with no solicitor

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confused79 | 10:51 Wed 21st Mar 2007 | Law
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I want to take my husband to court and represent myself as i dont qualify for legal aid and i cannot afford solictors fees for this, where do i start i need to get the ball rolling and fast, do i apply to the courts and how do i do this?
I already have a solicitor dealing with my divorce, but she cannot act for me for any financial matters as i cannot pay.


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Sounds as if you are trying to reclaim money, probably best to go the small claims route. You local county court should have an information pack. They are usually very helpful.
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Its not really claiming money as such, in short my husband walked out over a year ago, stopped paying any money towards mortgage, leaving me and my three kids. I have been paying all mortgage since then, i want to re-mortgage which i am in process of going though, he want 10k i can give him 7-8k max he saying he wont sign anything until i can give him that much. In short he hasnt paid one penny since he left and he works on more money than me. I need to take him to court for judge to decide which i feel he wnot get any money any way if this goes to court. I cant afford to pay my solicitor for this, and i need to do it asap.
sorry if i went on but its so complicated and hard to explain.
If you have a solicitor dealing with your divorce, and you are trying to reclaim money, surely you solicitor should include this in the divorce settlement. so you shoulden't have to go down that route.
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im in process of re-mortgaging and i need to do it ASAP i need his signature to agree to come off the mortgage and he is saying he wants 10k my solicitor is cr*p now knowing i cannot afford to pay for any additional work which this is, i need court to overrule what he wants as of his greed so i can keep a roof over my childrens heads.
This is reallly getting me down and no ones seems to know what i can do, including CAB etc.,
isn't that a form of bribery? surely a quick letter from the solicitor representing your divorce is capable of that?

Is he bribing you?
you cant take him to criminal court to have a judge decide who owes who what! they are far too busy with rapes and murders methinks. What sort of court were you thinking about taking him to? Small claims court is only for when you have suffered a financial loss and you claim it back from another person ... you dont need a solicitor for that.
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I wanted to take him to court regarding the settlement, i need him to sign asap and he wont until i can give him 10k, so family court i suppose im nto talkig about any criminal courts, just this is so infair, i could lose my home if he doesnt agree cos i cannot pay the current mortgage cost which they have just gone up to, i have our 3 children and am trying to make things better but because of his greed he is holding me back!!! what can i do???
contact welfare rights they will tell you whatever you need to know and give you a solictor to represent you. this is a free service . you have to get help so your home is not at risk try ,,,,,, good luck
contact welfare rights and explain your problem to them its a free service for anyone who needs to protect their property. if they take you case on they give you a solicitor free of charge ive been helped by them myself. try "" good luck

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How do i go about representing myself in court with no solicitor

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