Notice of speeding fine

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NixnJay | 21:43 Thu 08th Mar 2007 | Law
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Caught by a mobile speed camera 04Feb, received ticket by post 07March issued this outside the legal time frames? Help! x


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No, six months statutory time limit to prosecute. You're getting done.
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so where does the 14 days come into play then?
I do not think it matters - you were speeding - you got caught - now accept the concequences and dont do it again
What 14 days? Is this like the imaginary 14 days grace to get your car tax which doesn't exist?
No you are right, they have to send the ticket out within 14 days of you being caught.
Yes, its outside the timeframe of 14 days for the Notice of Intended prosecution. Look here. html

Notice of intended prosecution MUST be recieved within 14 days of the alleged offence or it is unenforceable.

When the notice is recieved within 14 days though, Best way out of them is to write back asking for a photo of the alleged offence, (legally, they must supply you anything that you ask for if they intend using it as evidence) and then, presuming the image does not identify you, write back explaining that you have narrowed it down to two people- yourself and one other person - then give them full details of both persons and ask them how best to proceed as you "wish to be as cooperative as possible".

It is not possible to prosecute two people for one offence in this situation as only one of you could have been driving, they cant prove anything either wayand you are being seemingly very cooperative, hence a court case will simply not happen - case dropped!

Has worked for me and friendsof mine 13 times in a row!

Good luck
Notice of intended prosecution must be sent out within 14 days of the offence to THE REGISTERED KEEPER OF THE VEHICLE. As long as you are the registered keeper and you know that the details held by the DVLA are correct )i.e address etc) then you have nothing to worry about - it is outside the legal time frames and I would suggest you contact the Camera Safety Unit who issued and advise them. However, if the vehicle you were driving was a hired vehicle or a newly purchased vehicle (and you hadn't yet registered the details with the DVLA) or a company car etc. and a Notice of Intended prosecution HAD been sent to the registered keeper, who then subsequently informed them of who was driving at the time - they are working well within the law and you will have to pay.

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Notice of speeding fine

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