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Redsun | 14:39 Wed 14th Feb 2007 | Law
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For the last year I have had to put up with a low thudding noise from a pile driver. I'm unsure who is responsible for the pile driving, however it maybe a large company down the road or a House builders site. Both are less than 1/2 a mile away from me. I dont want to name any companies as i dont know my rights about even exposing this.
I called my local council but all they have sent me is a form to fill in.... typical !!! asking me when it happens, how loud it is etc. I just want someone to come around and hear how frustrating it all is.
The noise is really irritating and starts after 9.00am and stops about 4.30pm.
My question is do I have any rights for this annoying noise? The noise seems to thud all the way through the house.

Fed up!


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it would be most unlikely, even if they were building the largest housing estate in europe that they would be pile driving for an entire year!
Your local council have sent you a form ... they probably have a process which begins when they recieve the coplaints form, which might include somone doing noise monitoring, but that process wont be put in place till they recieve the form. Bear in mind that even if you do get your wish of someone coming round, you can guaruntee they wont be as frustrated as you! What do your neighburs think? are they disturbed by the noise? you might have better luck en masse
You must fill the form in and return it to your Local Authority as quickly as possible. Once the the noise has been agreed as a nuisance and the source located it is possible for them to insist that pile driving be stopped and that the method of piling be changed to drilling.

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Pile Driving Noise

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