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lawquestions | 19:13 Sun 11th Feb 2007 | Law
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I work in a call centre and 2 supervisors lied when they monitored my calls for one single day

Normally calls are recorded, no proof available

I have spoken to an employment solicitor and he say's that a company can does this with out recorded proof, this is ridiculous a company could easily set somebody up ready for the sack



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But have you been accused of anything? This seems strangely contradictory...if the supervisors now try to sack you they will have proof via the recordings...I suspect you mean 'can they record me for no reason and lie about it?'.
The difficulty I have here is that you say normally calls are recorded..and in your scenario, you were recorded. Is it the time period of the recording you find objectionable or the lying? Nobody can sack you without what is it that needs proving?
Employment Law is not really about 'proof beyond reasonable doubt' - as a criminal law case would be. An employer has to show that it operated reasonably. This means investigating the evidence behind an alleged case or incident and acting with consistency in accordance with the employment practices of the organisation.
So, as above poster, what exactly is the issue here?
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Sorry let me try and make my issue clear

I take inboumd calls in a call centre
I had say 15 calls in one day, 2 supervisors monitored me live by just listening in to my conversation (no taped evidence recorded or evidence of any kind) They went on to say that I had failed the data protection act 5 times by not following the correct procedure when asking customers various security questions before going into there account on the computer, all this is lies, there is no actual proof to verify there allegations, it is 2 of there words against mine, can this be upheld, can I not argue that it is one party against another ie management and me as oppose to looking at us as 3 individuals, have I got any rights?

I work in a call centre taking inbound calls also, have they let you listen to the calls , if not why not. this happened to me about a year ago a customer accused me of agreeing with him that he had been mis sold. both my supervisors listened to the call about three months later(yes it did take him that long to complain) and found i did not agree with the customer at all. the point i am trying to make here is all calls are recorded and can be pulled out the system as and when required. ask to listen to them
sorry meant to add

i have also failed security questions a few times as i totally disagree with asking for d.o.b but it is not a sackable offence so i don't worry about it
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Hi caz247

Apparently our calls are recorded at random not all calls recorded?

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