Finger prints and DNA

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gammaray | 19:30 Wed 31st Jan 2007 | Law
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A person is arrested for an alleged assault. Finger prints and DNA samples are taken during the time the accused is in custody. The accused is not formally charged with the offence but bailed to return to the police station. On returning to the station the accused is informed the CPS will not support the prosecution so the charge is dropped. Are the police entitled to keep the DNA and finger prints on file or is it within the right of the accused person to demand that, as no charges have been brought, the said finger prints and DNA records are destroyed?


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Police retention of DNA and fingerprint samples as part of the DNA and Fingerprint Retention Project (DNAFRP) is covered by the Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001 (which removed the requirement under PACE to destroy samples where there was an acquittal or a court case was discontinued) and the Criminal Justice Act 2003 (providing police with additional power to take these samples without consent from all persons detained at a police station having been arrested for a recordable offence).

Removal of records retained by DNAFRP and/or on the Police National Computer (PNC) will only occur if you can prove that yours is an exceptional case.

View the relevant ACPO guidelines here... tention%20of%20Records.pdf
gammaray's response appears to be accurate. Yet more Big Brother stuff from this overbearing and control freak administration. What next?
What are you talking about Maxi? For the vast majority of people brought into Police custody it's not the first time and it won't be the last.....The few who do only get arrested once don't have to worry about their fingerprints and Dna being taken because they've got nothing to hide.
How would you feel if a member of your family was murdered and the only reason the Police didn't catch the offender is because they were forced to dispose of the Dna that was taken on the first 3 occasions that individual was brought into custody, but released without charge?
What fun Hitler/Saddam/and any other two bit dictator would have if they had access to DNA reg banks.
Thank god it could never happen here.......................................

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Finger prints and DNA

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