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what..the? | 16:31 Tue 16th Jan 2007 | Law
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I have just been trying to return some items bought for xmas they are still boxed etc no damaged unopened.

Both argos and amazon will not allow me to return items as they say they are outside the returns period.

My argos item was delivered on the 10 November and my amazon items were delivered on the 15 or 16 November all in time fo xmas then they were of course put a way in the cuboard for weeks.

Now less than 30 days since christmas and giving the gift the items are not allowed to be returned because - as they state 'they are outside the 30 day return period'.

They tell us to buy in advance and we do and now I have just been screwed over, they say 'christmas or not' it's over 30 days, they do not seem to understand that the items were put any for christmas.

Please can someone tell me if I have some lee-way here and that the law allows returns for curcumstances like this one, please help I have been screwed over so may times I need answers!!!


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There is no legal obligation for stores to refund for goods just because you no longer want them.

The fact that some do is purely for 'goodwill' .

So there is no legal recourse for you in these circumstances.
it's 30 days from time of purchase, not when you choose to actually take the item from the cupboard!

with the argos one there was no need to buy it almost 2 months before xmas!

it has also been 3 weeks since xmas!!!

i know its frustrating but you don't have a leg to stand on - best you can do is ask for a credit note or a swap - if you explain, they may just allow it.

also, why are YOU returning them? if you gave them as a gift, its up to them to take it back...
Some stores agree with the buyer to exchange the unwanted presents with another of equal value or less, if you have the receipt of purchase from the same store.
who is this "they " who tell us to buy in advance? I clearly wasn't listening to "them" cause i did all mine on xmas eve
As Ethel says, no legal obligation for shops to do anything at all in these circumstances, and is purely goodwill, as are any generous returns policy. Faulty/misdescribed items are different.

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Not allowing refunds

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