VISA to the US with convictions.

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noxlumos | 20:19 Mon 08th Jan 2007 | Law
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Sometime ago I tried to obtain a VISA to travel to the States but was rejected (I have previous criminal convictions) and wasn't eligible under their precious VISA waiver programme.
Does anyone have any experience/advice of appealing this as I will need to be able to travel their for personal reasons shortly. Any help greatly appreciated.Thanks in advance.


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If you have had no further criminal convictions in the meantime, then it might be worth trying again - the longer ago they are the more likely there are to decide they are no longer a problem.

However, travelling 'shortly' is unlikely to be on. In cases like this the London Embassy has to refer back to Washington for a waiver (of the requirement to reject applicants with a criminal record) and this can take several months.

I'd also say that attempting to travel under the visa waiver scheme is (for you) highly risky. They are almost certain to have a record of your visa refusal and you will have lied to them on two counts - saying no criminal record and no visa refusal - which will put back by many years any future chance of getting a visa.
It's a pain Noxy but the yanks are very funny about that sort of thing. As above it's worth trying again only elapsed time can remove the effect of convictions. I not sure what the "spent" time is it may be worth asking the police whether your convictions are now considered spent in the eyes of the law, that may help in the visa application. I think I'm right in saying that most crimes do not remain on your record forever, Good luck
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Thanks both. Some of mine don't count but one does and will never come off. Not that I think the rehabilitation of offenders act applies to the US VISA fiasco anyway.
Bloody marvellous with their crime rate they are so s0dding picky.

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VISA to the US with convictions.

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