How can i end my mobile phone contract early?

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nealios | 12:58 Sun 17th Dec 2006 | Law
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I have a 12 month contract with 3, had six months already however the network is the worst. signal cuts out in the middle of conversations one minute i have full signal the next none.

Thought it could be my phone which is also a bucket of sh*t (motorola V3x) but i have a few friends that have exactly the same problems.

I dont want the contract to be bought out by another company i just want it to end!

Any loopholes in the law?




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i dont know too much about 3 but on other networks if you take out a contract for 12,18 or 24 months you have to pay up the remainder of your contract to be released from it,if say you pay �9.99 a month,it will cost you �59.94. ish to end it,there are no loopholes its a fact,or you could just not pay it,then you will be blacklisted and chased for the money, you should have looked into 3 before you joined.
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Thanks for your answer, however i did look into it before i purchased it.

I had heard some good things about it, and there coverage is apparently improving every day. However they are actually shocking!
I'm on 3 and I don't have any problems
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good on you, doesnt help my situation now though does it!

Everyone i know on 3 doesnt like it. Its great for the football goals and videos like that but at the end of the day i need it for phone calls.
The point of a contract is that both parties are supposed to do a certain thing so with mobile phones, 3 are supposed to provide you with a service to be able to use the phone, and you have to pay for it.

If either party doesn't do what they are supposed to, then technically there is a breach of contract which could enable it to be cancelled without penalty to you.

I say technically because even it is supposed to happen, getting the company to agree to it can be hard. I would suggest writing to 3 explaining the probs you have had, say that you think it is a breach of contract situation, and ask that they let you out of the contract.
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Thanks for your answer think thats what i will have to try!
I have to agree that the 3 network is one of the was for me anyway. I couldn't use my mobile in my own house unless it was sitting on a windowsill, and the minute i moved away from the windowsill the call was lost. Caused a lot of problems for me. I have to say I will never go back to 3.
You cannot end your mobile phone contract earlier until it over.If you need to cancel the contract from 3,you need to call the service provider.You can make request to them to cancel it.But they will ask termination fee .You can cancel it by this method.But if they will ask you to wait for long time otherwise refuses to cancel the contract,you can better use online site to unlock it.If you want to unlock your mobile phone,I would suggest you to get an unlock code from at reasonable price.
I am on 3 and haven't had any service since 30th Dec. and my mobile broadband on 3 keeps losing signal.
I have been with them for a few years but every now and then I get a problem.

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How can i end my mobile phone contract early?

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