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prayster | 03:03 Fri 17th Nov 2006 | Law
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i was turning east onto a 5 lane street. two lanes going east and 2lanes going west and a turning lane by a light to go north, the turning lane and east lanes was seperated by solid double yellow lines, i stop for oncoming traffic to turn left into a parking lot in the left lane going east. not crossing the double lines and got hit in the rear. whos fault is it ? thank you for info


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You have not said in what country this happened or in what direction you were travelling prior to "turning east".

Usually everyone has to keep a good lookout for other vehicles on the road, and travel at a distance from others so as to be able to stop in good time without hitting anything. As you were stationary it will almost certainly be the other party's fault. They should have seen you and avoided the collision.

They may counter claim that you were performing an illegal, unexpected, or foolhardy manoeuvre and so try to reduce their liability because of what they claim to be your contributory negligence. You will, of course, deny this robustly with witness and evidence from the crash scene.
Prayster was traveling North by his description but the rest of his question was confusing as he was not driving in the UK, if he was in the UK he was parked illegally on double yellow lines?
A diagram would have been helpful on this one.
I always thought that if someone went into the back of you it was automatically their fault.

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doulbe yellow line

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