Franchise opportunity with The Real Pasty Company.

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grr | 11:14 Mon 13th Nov 2006 | Law
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Has anyone heard of this company.. as i have heard they take your money then take ages to find you a business.
Seems to have taken ages and they have had the 50k 2months ago.
I need advice what to do?


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They have had �50k and you have heard nothing, check with the franchise agreement what they are required to do and then get calling!!!! Contact your local Business Link for business advice also , even though you have paid them the franchise is your business and you need to start looking for places as well. If you work with them you are more likely to get established quicker. have heard of them before, didnt get great reviews but then a lot of franchises dont !! Check the contract / franchise agreement - thats the key to the whole relationship.
Yes i have and indeed I paid 10,00 for the franchise fee and heard nothing else. This is back from 2004!!! I have heard that they have gone into bankruptcy so haven't got a clue how I'm gonna get my money back!

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Franchise opportunity with The Real Pasty Company.

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