how often has anyone out there been ignored

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wotiduntno | 03:48 Sun 22nd Oct 2006 | Law
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how many people out there have been ignored when they have complained about prople in the public sectors?
how many localities out there are there that if you are a local you recognise the same families in the same jobs for decades? i always keep away from places like that, because i've found that most of them are totally incompetant and not up to some places like that i've found that the publice sectors like that continually repeat themselves about people, some even refer to people by their dead relatives names??weird


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What. precisely are you talking about ???
i'm not following you... whats the question??
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it's schmee again-- i posted the question-'...anyone been ignored...'- interesting how 2 bottles of wine later i can still type pretty well;even if the topic jumped about a bit
Reply to SimonGent- so you are feeling angry and confused!!! you said that was wot you are sensing in your answer--HA!HA!
See I was NOT- I was actually very drunk- SO THERE!!

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how often has anyone out there been ignored

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