Can I overturn planning permission (already developed)

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annemarie31 | 23:10 Tue 17th Oct 2006 | Law
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I bought my house on a new estate, developed by a building consortium in March. Through the centre of the estate is a park which my neighnours and I were advised would be lined with trees and shrubs. There was no indication of anything other than this on the plans we have received. However, in the last few weeks a childrens's play park has been developed. This is now complete - only feet from my garden fence, and is a gang heaven. Firstly, neither myself nor any other residents who bought from the builders were informed of the play area, where do I stand? Secondly - the area is aesthetically ugly, noisy, full of litter - wholly inappropriate in a residential area, does it infringe my rights on this basis? We are all devastated. Needless to say, house values have plummeted


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Can I overturn planning permission (already developed)

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