DIY Last will & Testament Query ???

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gasman | 21:32 Mon 09th Oct 2006 | Law
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I have seen in our local Staples store these DIY LAW PACKs one of which i am interested in . The Last Will & Testament one. But would it be a legal binding document that would be read out and adhered to in the event of my death ??? In other words is it worth the paper it is wrote on, or does you have to have it done by a solicitor ???


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Hi gasman, Yes these wills are totally legal if completed correctly. If fact there are example wills on the web if you do a search. However, I would only advise doing a DIY will if you make it simple otherwise it is well worth seeing a solicitor as it will give you piece of mind. The key thing (in England/Wales) is to get the signature witnessed by two witnesses. The witnesses cannot be a beneficiary. Hope his helps. Shero.
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Thank you Shero101 for your time to answer my question & help me make up my mind. :o)
Also make sure it's somewhere safe where people will know where to find it when you die, too easy for itto be hidden away when you DIY, some people forget it has to be found.

Remember to review it whenever appropriate, marriage (it is automatically revoked), children, change in finances eg large gains, changes in property etc...and make sure it is replaced properly so it is clear which will it the right one.

If it is anything other than very simple a legal advisor is highly recommended, they may spot and suggest things you didn't even think about or realise which could save your loved ones a lot of money and hassle.
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Thanks for the advice Jenna.
Gasman, can you please do me a favour?

If you get this pack, please can you let me know how much it is and what it is like. Also, how much is it?

I'm thinking about getting one myself. I've tried looking on their web site but I cannot find it.

I have very recently decided to have a will written up. In November it is willaid month. 4&cftoken=71977756&mode=search

You can get a will done by a pro for �75 and the money goes to charity. I have booked an appointment in November but I might cancel and try and do my own as it is very simple (I'm giving all my stuff to 1 or 2 people).

Please let me know what you decide to do.


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DIY Last will & Testament Query ???

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