Mobile Phone Harrassment

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Roughquest | 21:08 Mon 09th Oct 2006 | Law
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An ex of mine keeps sending me abusive texts - its got so bad Im thinking of calling the police, can they do anything about it though? Or is it best to notify my mobile phone network provider?


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Easiest answer change your sim card - but back up your phonebook first. They are very cheap
Then get new VERY LARGE BOYFRIEND to go round and put your exes phone where the sun doesnt shine
are you pay and go or contract sweety?
Yes the police will do something about it assure you!!
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ON contract. Do I just phone the police as normal and report it ?
you can do but generally the give u a crime ref and do nothing, ring your phone company and explain they may change your number free of charge... i work for one of them and i would.... let me know what network your on....
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Im on vodafone (trouble is the ex in question is a married man!).
give them a call explain that your getting these text and you need your number changing, i work for one of the others and we just take crime ref and change it! i'd theaten with telling the partner that'll make them stop!
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Dear Counsellor, I already have told him I would tell his wife, but he said to go ahead and if i do, I'd better hide!
Roughquest, I had exactly the same situation.

Tell your ex that you've gone to the police and reported him for harrassment. Tell him they'll be speaking to him about it but that they've agreed to try and be discreet because of the wife. That's exactly what I did and he stopped straight away!

If you're scared for your safety I would go to the police though.
hi roughquest

this happened to me about ten months ago and eventually i went to the police. after several visits to his house where he pretended not to be in he was eventually charged with misuse of telecommunications. i am pay as you go and i just bought a new sim card for a different network. the police were really helpful to me just make sure you don't delete any as they will need to read them.

caz x

ps. whether he's married or not doesn't give him the right to behave like this
I had to let an employee go early last year, she then (in a drunken frenzy) sent myself and her team leader abusive texts of a sexual nature, the silly girl even sent voice messages to my voicemail.
When I reported her to the police (Leicestershire) they could not have been more helpfull. The girl admitted to sending the messages, (she couldnt really deny them) she was charged with the same offence as caz 247's ex and (because of the nature of the texts) she is on the sex offenders register, so go to the police is my advice
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I contacted the police, they were great ! I had two officers come round and chat to me, they wrote down all the texts the guy had sent to me and took his number and as he also lives in a different county they reported this incident to his local constabulary also ! Result. Thanks for all your advice on this one.
RQ xx
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Mobile Phone Harrassment

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