How Stupid / Thoughtless Courts are.

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glenn_99 | 13:49 Fri 06th Oct 2006 | Law
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More of a moan really. Just been to court this week to see a young lad who was driving a car - whilst under the influence - which killed my nephew (23). After the preliminary hearing the defendant solicitor takes the defendant and family out of the court and my family and I follow a few minutes later. As we are trying to exit the courts we ONLY have to squeeze past the family on the stairs. Are the courts, solicitors etc that stupid?


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Yes,they are totally insensitive.You poor thing.
yes+ you were very good, i would have had to thow the little B###### over the stair well. me hat comes of to you. respect.
Yes ~ totally insane.

What a sickening thing to have to thoughts are with you.
I have seen a lot of this in my job and unfortunately the government are too busy making people hit targets in all walks of life to instigate a comprehensive witness protection programme to protect the likes of yourselves. It is a pity that the decent people have to sit in the same court as the slime that commit these offences. If the government spent less time vote catching they could pour some resources into taking care of the good people like your family. I can only sympathise. I think we have lost the plot
I would at least have spit in his eye
having been a juror on a murder trial firstly my name was called out in open court to take my seat in the jury then when I left for the evening I walked out the door with 5 'mates' of the defendant who had sat in the public section. Theyfollowed me to the bus stop. Feel Intimidated? You bet I did!
personally i dont see whats wrong with having to pass the defenfdants family. After all its hardly like they are guilty by association is it? Or that they are glad your nephew is dead. Just because threy are his family dosent mean they condone what he duid, and after all you might pass them in the street any day. If my family member did something as awful as this (so sorry for you and your family by the way) i hope that peole wouldnt have problems with passing by me

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How Stupid / Thoughtless Courts are.

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