crb..can they do this

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grr | 12:56 Thu 05th Oct 2006 | Law
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In 2003 a girl alleged that a staff member in a childrens home had a consensual sexual relationship for a year. The staff member was interview(taped) by the poice. The girl alleged that they also texted. The males phone account was checked and nothing was on there.
Other staff had 6 months earlier found a 'diary' detailing the relationship, when the girl was asked about this diary shee stated she had made it all up and it was just a fantasy.
There was insufficient credible evidence that any offence had been committed, the case was undetected.
But on his poice check -CRB all this is detailed. Under Chief of police discretion


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Because it cannot be proven - doesn't mean to say it didn't happen - ask O.J. Simpson !!! - and for the police to ignore this information would be naive and foolish. How often do you hear of "and the police new about this information but did nothing about it ! Exactly as it says on the tin - under police discretion.
I disagree. If the guy wasn't charged with anything then it shouoldn't be on record.

I know of someone who was falsely accused of sexually abusing his daughter ~ the daughter was examined, the father interviewed. He wasn't charged with anything and the mother admitted she made it up.

Would it be right that this was on his record?
as we all know people the law is a law to itself.
There's a difference between his record as in past convictions and the CRB.
How attractive was she, grr?
Its a part of the record that includes police intelligence which shows up on an enhanced check. Its there because of the special nature of the job.
It doesn't sound fair at all, but the police are paranoid about another Ian Huntley type case (as are all parents of course) so in a way it's understandable. I wouldn't like it to happen to me though.
When Huntley was arrested, the reports said that he had been accused of this before (not convicted - just acused) and it was a failing of the police forces involved that this wasn't made known to the other forces.

On that basis, I would assume that they can do this.

Should they be able to do this - imho - No.
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so leaving this on the crb will mean he cant apply for another job as no one will employ him...and how can this man improve his job prospects??

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crb..can they do this

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