Redundancy notice?

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bustergutt | 14:09 Fri 29th Sep 2006 | Law
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If a person has to be made redundant what notice can he expect to receive? 2 weeks, 1 month? also what kind of pay -off figure?
Many thanks.


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I was made redundant with no notice. The same day, I had to leave. And it's all legal apparently. Then, because the co was in administration, I had to calim back redundancy and holiday money from the DTI. This took about 8 weeks. I wasn't happy. I think about 1 weeks pay for every year worked is the minimum.
unfortuantly the previous answer r correct..

but under the law the only thing the company has to give u is a meesly �280.00 per week for every year u have worked for them if under 35approx
if over 35 then it is �280.00 per week and half for every year u have worked for them....
Its actually a maximum of �290 per week based on your gross pay. If you earned �230 gross per week ( thats before stoppages) you would get �230 times how many years you have worked for the company. If you earned �330 gross, you would only get a payment based on �290.

Dazf's answer is a bit misleading bustergutt. Its one weeks pay for every year of service from age 22 to 40 and then one and half weeks pay from age 41 but this tails off at age 64. This is also going to change with the introduction of age discrmination on 1/10

There has to be consultation normally equivalent to the notice period of the individual unless there is a large redundancy exercise where consultation periods are governed by statute

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Many thanks everyone, it`s much appreciated.
it is one week for each year to a maximum of 12 years you can be dismissed without notice but that would be an extreme circumstance as you should have gone through a consultation process but they should pay inlieu of notice after a 2 year qualifying period for redundancy payments

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Redundancy notice?

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