can i take out an injunction and will i have to pay if i can?

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jenny wren 4 | 13:35 Sun 03rd Sep 2006 | Law
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We live in a council flat.My son has a dog which he has to remove as no dogs allowed.He knows we face eviction if he fails to comply but it is proving a difficult task as he wont remove it.Also he has 3 ferrets that live in the front roon in a cage but do have play time out of the cage.but they stink because he is not willing to clean the pooh corner each day.
Regards the dog it is about 8months old and for the last month does his business on the front room floor during the night.he is taken out for toilet before we go to bed so he should not be doing it.
I am disgusted thai i am allowing my 17 year old son to control the situation but he will not do anything about it. I would not say i am scared of him but i would rather not have to deal with the fuss he will cause if i try to remove the dog and ferrets..The dog situation is causing so much trouble. I never sit down in the front room because the dog sits on the chairs.
I know it is extreme but can i take out ani iinjunction so that he has to remove the dog and ferrets from the home permanantly or what would you do i am a single parent and basically probably he thiinks i am a pushover


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you've got to take control here, for the sake of the animals if not for you!

those poor ferrets having to live in their own filth because your oaf of a son won't clean them! sorry, but it makes my blood boil.

I've never had to do this myself, so I'm a bit sketchy on how you get the poor animals removed from your home, my obvious response would be to contact your local RSPCA, even if they can't (or won't) help they should be able to point you in the right direction.

good luck, really hope you can get this sorted.
If you dont want a direct conrontation with your son you could report the dog to your council and pretend to be a neighbour. Then if the council make your son get rid of the dog you won't be the bad guy. Maybe a bit sneaky but worth a go?
Your son obviously does not respect you .You just tell him don't be a push over .Has he thought what would happen if you are evicted.Just refuse to do anything for him until he finds a home for his dog and the ferrets. Probably easier said that done but you have to stand your ground on this. good luck
and you think he wont cause a fuss if you take out an injunction? i would think this would make him even worse than if you just removed the dogs!

just wait til he's out and remove them
It would probably be cheaper, easier, more effective and less confrontational to take out a contract on your son
Jenny wren 4, I raised three children, two of them boys on my own after my husband left, so know that it isn't always easy. BUT, you have to stop your son treating you with disrespect. That also means that you will have to face up to him fussing if you go against his will! Contact the RSPCA and local dogs home and ask if they will have the animals for you as obviously, these are not going to get the care and attention they require. Your son needs to learn the consequences of his actions, as otherwise he will never survive when he leaves home. Be strong, for your son and for yourself, please! You are doing him no favours letting him getting away with this situation. Not sure the RSPCA will come and collect the animals, or even take them at that, but if they can't, they will advise you on what you can do. Phone them as soon as you can. Tough Love Needed Here!!!!! Good Luck.
I do hope you have sorted this out by now but Rojash had a good answer. Teenagers can be intimidating ~ if you let them... Call the RSPCA and arrange for them to come (when your son's out) or... call the RSPCA or another organisation and arrange to take the poor animals to them. Obviously it's too much to take them all at once so arrange for someone to petsit (with the pets at their homes) and do it in stages. Just tell your boy someone stole them for their own good and if he ever thinks about having pets he can't look after again you will arrange to have him caged and squatting in his own excrement. Good luck DON'T LET HIM INTIMIDATE YOU - YOU ARE THE BOSS. OK.

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can i take out an injunction and will i have to pay if i can?

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