What A Rickhead (Or Something Like That)

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Canary42 | 23:01 Wed 08th Jun 2022 | Law
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Guy abused the judge after sentencing and will be brought back for possible further sentence for contempt of Court.

The bit which appealed to me was his Barrister's statement. Nick Ross defending, said: "The defendant has recognised that he has a lot of growing up to do. He holds his hands up.".

I would love to have seen the look on the Barrister's face when the defendant then poured forth the abuse to the judge.


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Yep , looks like Levi is the 'Helmet' now.
Question Author
Mind you I suppose he might be super-cunning and use it at the next session in the sense "I warned you I had a lot of growing up to do and that just proved my point"

I don't think it would cut any ice with judge though.
How NOT to speak to a judge, US style ;-)
I don't think it would cut any ice with judge though.

Yep, a longer stretch for Levi I think.
Here's another who thinks being before the beak is a joke.

Question Author
That's priceless Chris ;-D
BuenchicoHow NOT to speak to a judge, US style ;-)

Judge showed undue leniency there I think, Chris.
Question Author
And that Ken. Thank you both.
Canary, there's a whole raft of them on youtube. I once spent best part of an afternoon in almost disbelief at the number of morons who thought they could get the best of the guy handing down the punishment. I think some of them thought they were on the 'Judge Judy' show.
Canary, I did jury duty some time ago and I was on a jury where the defendant was almost as good as Levi ( no swearing from him though ). He was up for assault and battery regarding an incident that happened after a ( fairly ) local football match. He swore that he wasn't a football fan ! yet all of his mates where there up in the public gallery in their Birmingham City tops, Guilty as charged.
As Ken says there are many such videos on YouTube.
I was in a naff mood this morning and cheered myself up by watching videos of cute little pussycats attacking their vet and other animal videos.
You can entertain yourself for hours.

// I did jury duty some time ago//
o we had
"It had better be not guilty!" from the durr-relations of the defendant ( assault and battery)

he was... ( guilty as frack)
There used to be something called gallows humour where the sentence you were facing was such that whatever you said, or did, would make no difference.
That's not the case for these people. Stupidity knows no bounds.
hey, he's on video, so he's a celeb. You can do anything if you're on a screen.
A lobotomy would sort him out. We really think he'll be a decent member of society one day?
Wont be laughing when he is trying to pick up his soap in the showers.

Plenty of this sort about. Hasnt been a big war to cull the canon fodder.
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Seeing mention Jury duty - yes I've done it twice and indeed some of the defendants defy belief.
gallows humour was different...
Anne Boleyn - er 1536 that is! - said something on the lines of the day before her death - Oh such a pretty neck, it seems to sad to ....(separate it from its head)

Anne of Cleves second best ( Christina of Denmark) ventured of a marriage proposal:
Christina was aware of Henry's earlier mistreatment of his wives. She is reported as saying, "If I had two heads, I would happily put one at the disposal of the King of England".

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What A Rickhead (Or Something Like That)

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