Can I Write A Caveat (Independently Signed By Witnesses) To My Will?

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jourdain2 | 20:57 Thu 21st Apr 2022 | Law
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Following discovery that my younger daughter is actually still married to the husband she was divorcing some years ago - I am faced with a quandary. (See earlier post.)

My opinion of him is unrepeatable - take this as a starter. There are 2 young children.
I discovered today that said daughter has been 'meaning to get around to' making a Will, but hasn't actually done it.
I spent a lot of money a couple of years ago in having a Will drawn up, leaving things more or less equally between my 2 daughters.
It appears that if 2nd daughter is still married to Mr. Unrepeatable-without-spitting and she dies intestate after I die..... he would get his hands on my very, very hard earned cash and property.
How do I obviate this possibility without going to the lengths of spending more hundreds of pounds on making a new Will? Would a witnessed letter stating that under no circumstances should any part of my estate go to him, do? Help!


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'Can I Write A Caveat (Independently Signed By Witnesses) To My Will?'

No. You need it to be done legally. Pretty obvious really.
I am certain the new document ( will when it is signed) revokes previous ones - I dont think I have seen one that doesnt
according to HER ( barmaid that is!)

Jourdain ripping it up shows an animus destruendi ( no really)
where as if Mr Nasty gets hold of it and says ' ha! I will fix this' then it can after a few court cases be reconstructed
zaxie 2/3 - yeah two firds darn sarf
die without wills

common I learnt for people to DECIDE to do that ( not make a will - saves pre-mortem whining )
Question Author
All very useful, if complicated and very, very bizarre - as said. You should be able to leave your cash as you wish really.
OK to be on the safe side 1) write a letter of wishes 2) sign will - get witnesses to witness letter signing as well 3) when divorce eventually complete get in touch with Will-maker, ask for new copy of original Will and get that signed and witnessed.
And then she asked me why I went potty at the news! 'It doesn't affect you, Mum.' KIDS!!!
Question Author
Thank you to all contributors. This must happen a lot and people don't know the effects and how complicated it can get. Not as if I'm a millionaire (if only). :)

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Can I Write A Caveat (Independently Signed By Witnesses) To My Will?

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