Chased For Child Benefit - Next Steps?

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DonaldDuck92 | 10:57 Sat 26th Mar 2022 | Law
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I've had a friend come to me in a bit of a pickle and he's confided in me for some help.

He has three kids and he is being chased by HMRC for child benefit. They say he owes them £10K that they paid to him when they shouldn't have.

He says that over the last 10yrs he's never earned more than the £50K per annum salary threshold.

He's tried calling a bunch of times and gotten fed up with being in the long hold queue and they have sent him a bunch of letters.

The long and the short of it though is that in the meantime he separated from his wife in the meantime and has buried his head in the sand over this and sat on it for 18 months.

We looked online together and it seems you can write to appeal a decision (I don't think he formally did this) but there seems to be some challenges if too much time has lapsed.

I'm keen to support him with this as it's clearly very stressful.

What's the best course of action? The intention is to formally contact HMRC in writing next week.



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Not one for the amateur help him find an accountant who specialises in tax problems, and a solicitor if needed.
I agree with Rowan
he done it - - pocketed the child benefit which is very easy indeed and thousands literally have done the same

they ( HMRC ) claim it back ( I have been fined twice for not knowing something) and it boils down to - - how much and how often

good luck
this does not make happy reading

and the HMRC know that it is on a sliding scale and it is easy to be overpaid, and not realise but so what is their attitude....
If he's separated from his wife, who has responsibility for the kids. If it's not him then he has received Child Benefit he is not entitled to.

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Chased For Child Benefit - Next Steps?

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