Petty Theft

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JBW1366 | 17:32 Mon 25th Oct 2021 | Law
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Hi - I am after a letter template to inform staff about petty theft from the care home and how it will not be tolerated, and that we will be informing the police and if it continues and you are found to be the culprit your will be instantly dismissed.

Can someone help with this please. I want to make sure legally I’m saying the right stuff

Any help gratefully appreciated


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I thought "petty" theft was an American term? I think in the UK it is just "theft".
18:00 Mon 25th Oct 2021
Please note the following:
the management of this care home are aware that petty theft has been committed. This will not be tolerated, and you should note that the police will be informed. If such theft continues, and any one individual is found to be guilty of such offence, such an individual shall be instantly dismissed.
My version (which isn't necessarily any better than Bookbinder's one but it's an alternative wording that you might want to consider anyway):

"It has regretfully become necessary to remind staff that theft (whether from residents, from colleagues or from the company) is a criminal offence and also constitutes gross misconduct.

Accordingly, any member of staff who is found guilty of such an offence will be subject to instant dismissal, with the matter then being placed in the hands of the police".
I thought "petty" theft was an American term? I think in the UK it is just "theft".
A minor tweak to my suggested wording, above:

As "found guilty" might be taken as referring to the result of a criminal trial (and Into" is better than "in"), a better wording might be as follows:

"Accordingly, any member of staff who is found to have committed theft (or attempting such theft) upon the premises will be subject to instant dismissal, with the matter then being placed into the hands of the police"
While 'petty theft' (aka 'misdemeanour theft') only has a specific legal meaning in the USA, the term 'petty theft' is still used in the UK to refer to minor theft (e.g. nicking a packet of biscuits out of the staff kitchen, rather than robbing a bank vault).
Yes I would still use the term ‘petty theft’.
If it's petty, then what's all fuss about?
It could be someone struggling, I know it's not an excuse, but if it's a pack of biccies or some teabags, maybe look at why. rather than threaten Police action.
If its stealing fivers or jewelry thats just theft in my book. Petty theft might be biscuits or 20 peices
Have to agree with APG if it’s something like food say….
even so, stealing from a care home isn't a very nice thing to do, APG. I'd be less inclined to worry if they were stealing from Jeff Bezos.
Recently there have been a series of minor thefts from these premises. We regret that ,should these incidents continue, then we shall have no alternative but to inform the police.
Should anyone have any information with regard to this situation then please contact-------(Insert manager's name or other appropriate person)
I would add "in confidence" to andre's suggestion
wolfgang^^^^ Good suggestion . Thanks.

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Petty Theft

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