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muddlebrain | 11:56 Sun 19th Sep 2021 | Law
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If Martin Bashir is found guilty over his dealings with Princess Diana,and over the loss of clothing he took from the mother of the Babes in the wood victim,would the public have the right to suspend payment of the TV Licence as it was in some part being used to aide and abet a criminal act?


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...don't be daft...
I doubt it
don't be ridiculous.
Don't need a reason, just don't pay it.
Hasn't it been decided there is no case to answer regarding the Diana interview?
I'm not sure what crimes are alleged because as soon as I see either Martin Bashir or Princess Diana mentioned in any headline I simply turn the page. However, whatever they are, ask yourself this:

If the licence payer was prosecuted for "aiding and abetting" any of the crimes alleged, do you believe there is a court in the land which would convict him on the basis that he had paid £159 which he is compelled by law to pay if he watches television? Your options are below:

No/Definitely Not/Absolutely Not/What have you been taking?
Its just not fee-sable.
I know someone who NEVER pays the licence fee and they just ignore any threatening letters they get and if, on the odd occasion, when someone has knocked on their door, they just ignore it. Got away with it for a long, long time. I personally couldn't do that !
Still have to pay for a TV licence in the UK, (how third world)
Yes you can get away with it. It depends whether you comply with the laws Parliament passes or you pick and choose which ones you will obey. Personally I fall into the former category because I have strong principles. And if you don't like them I have plenty of others! (With grateful thanks to Groucho Marx).
dunno why people moan about the TV licence I think it's a bargain.
If you are charged with aiding and abetting, mind and let us know, okay?
O god - been drinking again ( me that is!)
I was gonna give along incomprehensible essay on the common law on this - - -
instead - just read NJ's

PP retires hanging onto the ropes and having a good swiggette
of a decent white ( wine you dirty dog!)
Truth has summoned me to: oestracher tried this before you were all born
2.he with-held taxes in the proportion of the defence budget ( 1.5% or whatever)
3. on the grounds they(the taxes that is!)were being used to oppress the Gomboolans - shoot rape gas.The usual gamut, nothing new.
4.- and so he ( the good canon) was indicted for - - - whatever ( tax naughtiness). Some damn crime you never heard of
5. and the judge at first instance ( ?magistrate) ruled that this was a case worth hearing (!).
6. Judges arent sane the whole time reader no matter what you might think
7. and the case went forward
8. and Canon Oestracher was poorer by £10 000
9. to wit - thru'ppence ha'penny tax and £9, 999 - in lawyers fees
10 hypthecated taxes - complete loser. hey havent we just had a new one?
10 twas ever thus
11 delete if it makes no sense
12 delete if it DOES make sense, as it is clearly inconsistent with the tenor of the rest of the thread
^^^ PP - you could just have said "No".
Of course. And if any ITV presenter is found guilty of a crime, you have a right to a refund on all the products that were advertised on the channel.
I thought the poster needed to know that
there is actually case law on whether you can with-hold 3/6 from your tax and say - "that is for ( the lack ) the nuclear button which I dont agree with ...."

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