Regulatory Road Restriction Signs

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Barquentine | 14:33 Tue 07th Sep 2021 | Law
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Are there any road planners/road sign experts out there? A local road has had restrictions introduced to limit use to buses, cycles, taxis between 3-6pm Mon-Fri. The signs appear to conform to the requirements in the Traffic Signs Regulations & General Directions 2016 S.I. but my question is how much notice should a driver get? These are placed on the kerb (near side) and a central island (off-side) immediately exiting a roundabout. No prior warnings on the approach road are in place. Thanks.


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We have a (magic!) roundabout with a buses & taxis only cut through. There is no prior warning.
Thanks Danny - that's pretty clear. In the case I mentioned it would be difficult to place a meaningful sign on the approach to the roundabout.
sorry Barry - similar avatars!
I've been caught like that in the past - no entry sign invisible until I'd committed to the turn. Thankfully I didn't get any penalty but I wonder if it has caused any accidents with drivers stopping abruptly or trying to U-turn.
Your answer might be hidden somewhere within the eight chapters of the Traffic Signs Manual (although I couldn't find it myself with just a quick look through):

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Regulatory Road Restriction Signs

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