Legal Case Against Uninsured Company

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DonaldDuck92 | 10:13 Thu 02nd Sep 2021 | Law
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Some of you will recall the story of me receiving laser burns from a beauty treatment back in April from which I'm still scared.

I instructed a legal team to pursue the case who now believe the beauty clinic are now insured and which is why they are ignoring all correspondence

1) I understand that its a legal requirement that all businesses are insured?
2) this company doesn't seem to be trading on companies house but they are still open as a business. How does that work?
3) what local government or government departments over see the law on businesses and insurance and who is responsible for this legally?
4) Lawyers say they cannot pursue a case here. Is that really the case? Surely they can't just get away with it?

Any advice would be hugely appreciated.


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Many reputable solicitors offer free consultation. Rather than ask here I think you’d be wiser to seek one of those out.
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Thanks for comments and here's the response to a few

- on companies house the business was dissolved in 2019. Still trading as a clinic in multiple locations in London

- yes I have regular photos of the area and am still scarred

- Have contacted other legal firms. One wouldn't touch the case if it was not a new case that hadn't been touched by a solicitor
Other are taking days to get back to me.

- Yes it was NWNF

- Lawyer thinks they don't have public liability. Not all businesses have to have it as it turns out

Has the HSE seen your photos? How bad was the injury?

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Legal Case Against Uninsured Company

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