If I Had The Following Typed Out, Signed It And Had It Witnessed, Would It Serve For What I Had In Mind?

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sandyRoe | 11:04 Fri 27th Aug 2021 | Law
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In the event of my death while I am in Spain I ask my friend, Mary X, of Galicia to arrange my funeral.
I wish to be cremated with the least possible ceremony. I have no thoughts on the disposal of my remains.
Mary X could liaise with my niece, Betty Y, to arrange payment of the funeral costs.
Her telephone number is:


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nope - it would serve for your wishes, but nobody is obliged to follow them no matter what type of document you have
as an example, funeral arrangements in wills are only the person's wishes and can be changed by whovere is organising the funeral. My MIL was terrified of being cremated, and stated in the strongest terms she was to be buried, however, no-one could afford it when she died, so she was cremated
I presume you propose to give this to Mary, and she's prepared to accept it? She may need it to satisfy local crematoria, but you'd have to check it out with Galician authorities. not British/Irish ones.

You are free to die where and when you please.
it would be much better just to tell mary and betty all that
From what you propose, neither of the two folk have stated they agree to the arrangement.

What happens if either one of them dies before you do?
bednobs, I know nothing of Galicia, but there may be local restrictions on just walking into a crematorium and saying "I've got a body here, please dispose of it for me"?
sandy doent ask to be funeralised in galicia though - he asks mary to organise it. Perhaps she will organise him being shot into space?
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Both have agreed, but even so, it's seems there needs to be a visit to a lawyer.
I've no intention of going anytime soon. I want at least to still be here for my message from the monarch.
If Spain is like Portugal a funeral director will arrange whatever is asked for. An autopsy might be required if the deceased has not visited a doctor or hospital in the previous 48 hours.
blimey you dont give up innit?
Here we are in dear old blighty and none of us so far have any idea of the formalities of dying in Ethpanya

Clearly Mareeya or someone has said you need to thee an abogado. Nope you ask us. to save pesetas. Crazy. I think it would be OK ( here ) as Maria Magdalena Gina Romaaaantica Sidonia Corteth Gutierrez Borbon ( von Ulm) can dispose of the body and hang what the executors have to do to get the english govt to accept that you are dead.

But that may not be the case in Thpain.

Have we had this

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If I Had The Following Typed Out, Signed It And Had It Witnessed, Would It Serve For What I Had In Mind?

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