No Response From A Company I'm Suing? Next Steps

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DonaldDuck92 | 22:01 Thu 26th Aug 2021 | Law
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A question for those legal orientated minds out there.

I had a beauty treatment that went badly earlier this year (long story). Via solicitors i've instigated legal proceedings.

The company hasn't responded to any of the legal letters.

How could this play out?


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I hate on a law thread to say - you have hired lawyers - ask them!

Letter before action and then the lawyers frame a claim according to the rules of the court where they are applying

Beauty - it may be a large claim and so kicks off here ( fees also mega) - then they await and answer
and IF there is no answer - you have to be pretty crazy not to answer these things they progress to summary judgement

or more commonly a trial - sort of so late you need another face lift its so long
oops sozza
kicks off in the High COurt if it is above £ X

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No Response From A Company I'm Suing? Next Steps

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