Cctv Installation On A Shared Alleyway

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cottonbud | 19:08 Thu 26th Aug 2021 | Law
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There is a shared narrow alleyway between me and my neighbour's house it is not the type of alley that leads to anywhere but both of our back garden gates. It is shared and is also private and not classified as a public right of way. Can I install a CCTV camera that looks down this "shared" space ?
(I'm not having much luck researching online)
Many thanks for any helpful advice


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I'd have a word with the neighbour and see if they have any objections.
the answer is 'yes'
there should be guidance on the ICOs site

( I think ) there were hundreds of thousands of complaints about overlooking to the ICO
and so the big white chief said - I am going to solve this!
and the hangers on and whiners said 'how so great one?
and TGWC said : I will make it lawful.....
and god did the whiners whine

asking a neighbour and he says no - - - risks him allowing him the luxury of thinking his 'no' has the force of law
OR is a no for ever and ever
OR is binding on you whilst he prances around doing what he likes and can never be challenged ( a bit like an AB complainer)
yeah jno's is a good ref
somewhere it says you can do it to deter crime innit?
which is why asking a neighbour is a bit excessive:

can you permit me to deter crime on my own property ?
kinda kooky

I actually am registered - my prof assoc had a ctr geek section and I used to twit them about I was the only one (not a member of the geeky squad) who had registered.
They used to stare at me and mutter geekily.
we had a drug dealer now evicted in our 'close' section, road, cul de sac. One householder has SIX !
we all sortta applauded -

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Cctv Installation On A Shared Alleyway

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