Does Consumer Rights Act Apply To Pet Breeders?

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Rubyrose | 19:20 Thu 22nd Jul 2021 | Law
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Hi All,

Does anyone know what rights I have as I purchased a kitten from a breeder (found on Pets4Homes). After 5 days of having the kitten, I took him to the vets and found out he has an infection. He also has fleas.

He was sneezing the day I brought him home from the breeders but I put this down to new smells and new dust etc. After a couple of days, I noticed he had gunky looking eyes and I called the vets and booked him in. On day 5, at the vets I found out he had an infection. The vet bills were over £100 and the insurance won't pay out as it was a pre existing condition (the policy started the day I got him, but he had the infection at the breeders).

I've also paid out for flea treatment and flea spray to de-infest my home. There is no possible way he got the fleas from anywhere other than the breeders. He is an indoor cat and my only pet. I've not had any other pets in 10yrs (and not in this property). My carpets and flooring are also new.

The breeder is refusing to acknowledge that any of this is her fault, even though she admitted she doesn't get her kittens vet checked or vaccinated.

Do I have a case against her in small claims court?


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There is a very good flea trap available on Amazon. Sticky disk heated by a bulb. Works very well
20:19 Thu 22nd Jul 2021
How old was the kitten when you got it. I would never buy a kitten unless it had its first vaccine. No responsible breeder would not have their kittens vet checked. What contract did you sign with the breeder
Sneezing in kittens should not be ignored
A "breeder" that doesn't get kittens vet checked or vaccinated. Was this a pedigree kitten?
Very suspect.
Question Author
He was 12 weeks when I bought him. I have had him 10 days. We signed no contract. I went to her house and viewed him, paid her the money and left. She assured me he was in good health and was up to date on flea and worm treatments.

The sneezing wasn't ignored. I called the vets and got him the earliest appointment I could.
See here:

(As the seller appears to be breeding cats as a business, it would seem likely that it's the 'shop' part of that page, rather than the 'private seller' part, which would apply).

If she's regularly breeding cats (i.e. as a business, rather than as a hobby) she should hold a licence from the local authority:
Question Author
He wasn't a pedigree. He is 3/4 Maine Coon. She sells pedigree kittens also, but he was part moggy. He was also drastically reduced (£500 down to £250) but she told me this was because he was part moggy and didn't look enough like a Maine Coon so no one wanted him. Now I'm wondering if it was because he was unwell.

Thanks for the link. I will have a read.
Here's another one for you to read Ruby.
Ruby is he going to be OK? I do hope so poor boy.
I can't answer the question but wanted to say that I am so sorry to hear about your little kitten. I wish you both well
Question Author
Thanks. I hope he will be fine. He got given an injection of antibiotics from the vet and I have to feed him half a tablet twice a day, bathe his eyes twice a day and put cream on them too.

I've given him flea treatment now and sprayed my entire flat, hoovered and cleaned but fleas hatch in stages so in a week they could be back if I don't repeat the process! I'll look after him as best I can and hopefully he will be fine. x

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There is a very good flea trap available on Amazon. Sticky disk heated by a bulb. Works very well
Get yourself some R.I.P. flea spray. It's very effective, gives coverage for 6 months + and kills both fleas and eggs in that period. Often cheapest on Amazon.
Hope the little guy recovers well...kittens are pretty resilient. He should be ok.
Omg...she cut his whiskers???
Cats whiskers are sensory organs. They help them navigate and understand their environment.
That woman shouldn't have pets full stop.
don't buy from ANYBODY on pets for homes
This woman needs to be stopped from breeding animals that she has no idea how to look after. Please speak to your local Cats Protection League and find out where to report her. It could possibly be the RSPCA.
Don't worry about the whiskers, they will grow again, slowly.
Question Author
I mean, I’m not sure if she cut his whiskers but his whiskers look like they have been cut as it’s a perfect cut, not chewed by another cat as she told me.

I posted about her on my Facebook and loads of people shared it and it must have reached her as she messaged me and eventually said that if I remove the post, she will pay the excess for my insurance! She has now transferred me the money so at least I am not out of pocket. I will nurse him back to health. I might call Cats Protection tomorrow though and let them know. Someone should at least check she is taking care of them all.
Question Author
Thanks for the flea spray and sticky brand names. I will go look for these now.
I just realised I gave you the wrong flea spray. While RIP is good, Indorex is the brand I've used for years. Also available from many online pet pharmacies and suppliers.
How is your kitten doing? User Recommendation
I think the RSPCA might be a good idea though I have heard mixed reports about them. Hopefully they would do an unannounced home check. She doesnt sound good on any level.

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