Reporting On Facebook Is It Illegal

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gordiescotland1 | 21:48 Fri 16th Jul 2021 | Law
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Hi there
I may have made an error of judgement.
I saw the other day on a newspaper page on Facebook on a discussion about football in Scotland there was a pic of Nicola Sturgeon in a Nazi Uniform. I reposted it. Anyway Facebook had blocked my account for 30 days telling me I couldn't advertise or sell things or go live but I still seem to be able to post about the weather and my cat. Anyway I googled it and last year someone was taken to court for sending abusive emails to the first minister referring to her as a Nazi now I am panicking could the police come and visit me for reposting an image? Facebook said it violated its standards does that mean someone reported it like one of my friends as my facebook is private


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If The Herald was prepared to post the picture, and then to leave it online for more than four years, I reckon that you must be fairly safe ;-)

Facebook removes millions of posts, and blocks millions of accounts, every day. Only in the most serious of cases (e.g. where reporting a post to 'the authorities' could lead to to an international paedophile ring being broken up or where there is clear indication of a forthcoming terrorist attack somewhere) will they bother to tell anyone else about a post that has contravened their rules.

Question Author
Question Author
Thats the very photo
>>> does that mean someone reported it like one of my friends

No. Most of the posts that get removed by Facebook are those that have been detected by computer algorithms. All Facebook posts are scanned by its own computers, with their content being compared to a database of images which are known to be against its rules.
Keep calm and wait and see
So long as it is taken down, you should be OK

if it was up a short time it is unlikely to have been harvested and cached by a bot. Even then it has to be passed onto her.

Things incredibly can be lost on the internet if they arent looked for (which has the effect of saying it is popular) - My brothers web about Dr Herbert Lake who was a war artist, vet who became a medic has gone for ever. So has a colleagues acuqittal for a sex crime ( much more welcome)

so just wait and see.
sending an abusive email to the first minister is
very different to putting a comment reposted on the internet

still keep calm
You might get the website back using the Wayback Machine (internet archive)
thanks tuvok
yes it was and I cached it and then I crashed
and went back again and gone it was ....

but I think the spies hide things with this dont they?
herbert lake is a tourist attraction in canada somewhere
so a search turns up 100 000 irrelvant hits

scientists searching for Catechol Acetyl transferase say it is hell - ( CAT see ? hopeless)
Question Author
I appealed and I won my appeal all restrictions have been lifted and the post remains. A victory !!

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Reporting On Facebook Is It Illegal

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