Housemate Receiving Notices From Warrant Officer

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DonaldDuck92 | 15:42 Tue 15th Jun 2021 | Law
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I've got a tricky housemate (I've posted about her previously) and she has been receiving letters from the local courthouse.

I got a peek at one and it said along the lines of: you've been ignoring us. We have a letter that we need to deliver to you. If we can't deliver it it's being escalated.

She hasn't mentioned this to anyone. What do you suspect is going on?

My guess is this is some sort of unpaid bill that she's ignored. I really hope bailiffs are not going to turn up.


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You need to address this issue, for the simple reason that, if bailiffs do appear with a warrant to seize her property in lieu of payment for something, it will be down to you to prove ownership of the property that belongs to you, to prevent seizure.

The responsibility in proving goods are yours not hers is down to you, to stop your property being seized in lieu of her debts.

That will mean providing receipts for each item, and if you can't produce them, the bailiffs may well take them.

I would take steps to get your housemate moved out, or start looking for somewhere else to live.
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Thanks for the response Andy.

We're each confined to our own separate spaces in our house. The two don't tend to collide.

Firstly, she's never home apart from between 2am-10am as she works a lot. Would she not have to be here? I don't think she has anything of value of anyway tbh,

My area is clearly distinct from hers.

Should I be more concerned than I am?
"letters from the local courthouse."

Are you in the USA?
You are most welcome.

I would be concerned that someone who shares my living space may be involved in criminal activity - whether that impacts on you now, or in the future, it cannot end well.

I would look to get her relocated, or move yourself.
I'd be more concerned about sharing my living space with someone who reads my post without permission.
Question Author
Cashier- don't be rude or judgemental.

She'd opened her post and had dropped one of the letters on the hallway floor. I saw it, picked it up and looked at it to see what it was and who it belonged to and left it for her to find.

Davebro- I'm part American. I'm based in the UK.
It wont be criminal - as they will just get the police to arrest her

So it is civil - dont allow any of your stuff in her space
Make sure ( v difficult in fact) that you can show any stuff thatis yours is yours. receipts and so on.
The fact that you are in a house share does NOT mean that you have undertaken liability for her stuff ( unless you have signed your have)

do like her - - ignore it

Luckily as she is a girl, it is relatively easy for you to deny that you are Miss Delicia BigButt. Bailiffs are no big deal so long as you are not the debtor.
A letter that says we have a letter for you?
hi hoppie
we dont know
a warrant officer is a police man with certain powers and doesnt usually work in a court house ( judges clerks cleaners, tea ladies)

court houses ( pallayz de joostice) come in two flavours - crown court ( criminal ) and civil ( county courts - Manch civil justice cetnre) - and we arent sure what the lady dropped ....

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Housemate Receiving Notices From Warrant Officer

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