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MartinMillar | 08:45 Mon 14th Jun 2021 | Law
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Are the will writing kits you can buy on Amazon ‘legal’?
We just want to leave everything to each other with small items being left to others.


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Yes, if it is done properly, signed by you in the presence of two witnesses who also sign it in your presence (after they have witnessed you sign it).
The witnesses cannot be beneficiaries.
You must be over 18, of 'sound mind' and not be coerced.
You don't need a will kit - you can just use a piece of paper and either write it or use a PC.
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Thank you
Morning Martin. I spent £50 on having a reputable solicitor to draw up my will. I sleep soundly knowing that all eventualities are covered, including what would happen if OH and I die at the same time. Solicitor also keeps the wills safe for us at no extra charge.
Does your executors know where the will are, choux?
Of course they do. Solicitor advised us to so do.
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Cheers choux, we don’t have a lot it’s more to ensure that the animals are looked after and that some smaller bits are left to specific people
Same here, Martin. But I do think this is one occasion where you can get what you pay for.
I paid a small sum to a local solicitor to draw up my Will MM - I think for the extra few £ it is better to have a professional do it, no loopholes then
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Cheers everyone
You're welcome MM :)
I used to run a will-writing company, so I've hopefully got at least a bit of knowledge on this subject.

Any will is legal as long as it has been signed in front of two witnesses and who then append their own signatures. The shortest known will (which was perfectly valid) simply read "Everything to my wife".

My advice is to get hold of a copy of this book
(It's in most public libraries. It won't matter if you find an older edition because, although some of the rules on intestacy have changed over the years, the stuff about writing a will still remains valid).

Read through the relevant sections of the book carefully and then draft your wills. If you're absolutely 100% certain that you've got everything right, go ahead and sign them in front of witnesses. (NB: The witnesses can't be beneficiaries of your wills. If intended beneficiaries act as witnesses, they lose their entitlements under a will).

However if you've got the slightest doubts at all about your ability to get it right, take your drafts to a solicitor and get him/her to tidy things up for you.

One of the most important things in drafting a will is to allow for "what if?" scenarios, such as "what if my spouse dies before I do?" or "what it Fred, to whom I was going to leave my Rolex watch, dies before me?". Make sure that you consider all of the things that could happen.
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Thanks Chris we think we have all basis covered
Don't skimp. Go to a solicitor. Our wills - two of them - cost about £100 - but I know someone who was charged about £800 by someone she found on-line. Better safe than sorry.

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