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np181 | 17:54 Tue 08th Jun 2021 | Law
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When sentencing domestic abuse, do the DA specific guidelines apply when assessing harm and culpability or the second part where aggravating and mitigating factors are assessed within the sentencing range?


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You use the term DA I assume District Attorney. Are you in the US
or domestic abuse?
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I think it is time to pay attention to your lectures and read the guidelines
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Yeah I'm starting law degree in sept but please answer my question by clarifying.
He asked for what appeared to be advice on what turnt out to be a hypothetical scenario.
You need to put the domestic abuse sentencing guidelines to one side for a moment, in order to step back and see how they fit into the wider scheme of things.

In all sentencing proceedings, 'Step 1' involves arriving at a provisional sentence, based upon both 'harm' and 'culpability. It's not until 'Step 2' that aggravating and mitigating factors come into play:

Therefore the domestic abuse guidelines about aggravating and mitigating factors can only relate to 'Step 2'.
Will knowing our opinions on a couple of hypothetical scenarios benefit you that much?
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Thanks Burn that's what I meant

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Domestic Abuse

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