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hardy49 | 00:18 Sat 29th May 2021 | Law
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What does the wording mean on Letters of Administration "The application has stated that the gross value of the estate in England and Wales amounts to £18000 and the net value amounts to £1.11 "


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There aren't any figures submitted with the application for Letters of Administration, per se. So those you've quoted must have been taken from the Inheritance Tax form you submitted (either on paper or online) to HMRC. It appears to me that you've told HMRC that the value of the estate was £18,000 but that there were debts to be paid to the value of £17,998.89.

I think something needs to be queried somewhere!
Chico are you able to answer hardy's other q about loa? I tried earlier but was desperately worried I got it wrong
^^^ I've now attempted an answer on that thread, Bednobs, but (as each bank will have their own security rules) it's hard to provide a definitive response there.
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It looks as if I have made a mistake filling in the forms. As my brother had no debts will I have to submit the forms again ?
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Because of my error will the LOA be invalid ?
I cant recollect then Chris got his law wrong
anyway this is procedure and form filling

a long time ago.... the hard core law threaders worried about wrong advice and someone coming back and saying - I did as you said and I have lost a bomb....
but it never happened
and so we concluded that no one had....

this is more of a second opinion bit

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Thank you all for your help. Can I please ask one straight question ? Does my mistake make any difference to the validity of LOA ?
My understanding is that your Letters of Administration will still be valid but, if I was you, I'd phone the relevant Probate Registry to query the figures on the paperwork anyway.

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Wording On Letters Of Administration

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