Noise And Dust From Building Site

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saintpeter48 | 09:43 Mon 17th May 2021 | Law
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I have lived in the same home, one bedroom flat, for 33 years and there is a school just a few yards from the block that I live in, 6 months ago work started on demolishing the old school and building a huge new school, the new building will be one of the first in the country to have, infants, juniors and senior pupils all in one school, I think about 800 pupils.
The noise every day from the building site is getting me down, banging etc, plant coming and going and the dust just seems to get everywhere, I open my windows everyday, which I've done all of the time I have lived here, I like to have fresh air in, also my car is covered in a film of dust and costs me money to keep getting it cleaned, and I've been told by the site manager, by email, that the working hours are restricted to 8am to 6pm, but they start around 7.30am and a couple of weeks ago were still onsite at gone 9pm, under lights.
I have a meeting today with the site manager to try and sort the problems out, is there any advice that anyone could give me on how to approach it, there doesn't seem a lot that they can do, the building has to be finished, I reckon another couple of years yet, should I ask for compensation of some sort or what, any advice would be much appreciated, thanks.


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What about your neighbours. Are they having the same problems. Maybe all of you should get together
In Australia they would have to take measures to control the dust.
Are there other residents in your block affected also ? There is surely power in numbers. I sincerely hope it goes well for you. I'm sure someone who knows the law will be along soon - good luck.
The more they restrict their hours the longer it will take them to finish.
They can't do anything to prevent dust except use water to damp down and that isn't really effective; there is no law that makes them liable for the cost of cleaning your windows or your car.
The time they can start noisy work and must stop noise nuisance varies across the country - it is down to local councils. Coventry permits noisy work between 7am and 7pm Monday to Friday.
Be aware that although noisy work is not permitted outside those hours they can still work if the noise is not too loud. Most construction workers start early to prepare for the day and spend time at the end of the noise limit on quieter jobs.
Check with your council what the permitted hours for noisy work are.

Hopefully you will be able to spend more time out of your flat to get away from the noise now that summer is on the way and restrictions are easing.

As for your car, think about buying a cover to keep the dust off the windows at least. They are fairly cheap.
Or just leave it until the work is finished and wash it just the once.
Ive got a similar problem.
Been there, sucked it up, moved on.
Me, too, lasted over two years and was hellish but there is little anyone can do except go out to avoid the noise as much as possible. I could feel my house shaking at times. Headphones can help but not if you need peace and quiet, I find noise intolerable.
I survived the noise and the dirt, I dread going through it again.

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Noise And Dust From Building Site

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