How Do I Sue Someone Who Owes Me Rent ?

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bobc1941 | 05:47 Thu 13th May 2021 | Law
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someone owes me rent how do i claim in court ?


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if in UK, go to the small claims court and take it from there.
Only do it if you know he can pay - you can't get blood out of a stone and court bailiffs can't get money out of someone who hasn't got it.

If he's working it might be worth doing - if he doesn't pay after the court has found in your favour you can apply for an attachment of earnings order so you will get money each week directly from his employer.
yup you go down the small claims court route
you read the booklet which is in force now

fr'instance you DON'T kick off ( at least I think you dont - ) with a statement of claim
but instead make a short - I am claiming rent from X to Y
and then do a statement of claim ( wording in the booklet )
read up the bit about interest ( I claim interest under X for Y and Z blah blah blah)

pay your fee and whack it off

wait fourteen days and then claim a la Boris as they have dont in the news today
read their defence - and await the directions of the court

simples - I do it once every five to ten years - long enough of the rules to change beyond all recognition

o god the lardy dah
and then make a WITNESS STATEMENT and not a prolonged statement of claim
damn sozza
barry is correct in the real world
dont bother under all circs

EVEN say - if you give me possession, I will not pursue rent arrears. and then add - this is enforceable in court.

None of this is private - the whole area will know you are doing it and for how much

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How Do I Sue Someone Who Owes Me Rent ?

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