Can I Renew Us Passport With Maiden Name?

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nkushnir | 23:08 Wed 28th Apr 2021 | Law
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My passport recently expired and it had my maiden name on it. Since then I got married and have changed my driver license and social security to married name. I would like to keep my maiden name on my passport and renew using maiden name. My naturalization certificate has my maiden name still. Can I request maiden name on passport application? Will I get in trouble?
Reason for this is I have dual citizenship and for ease of traveling to the other country I would like for both passports to be in the same name. Thanks a million!


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Use whatever name you want. As long as you fill in the part that asks if you are known under another name.
Are you in the US?
Question Author
Chinajan, Yes I currently am and live in the US.
Thanks for the info.

This is a UK based site so I'm not sure there'll be anyone with experience of the US passport application/renewal system. A quick google suggests one of the documents to be submitted is the naturalization certificate, but as ummmm said there may be a question about the name you're known by, and if so that could be a stumbling block given you've changed it on other official documents.
As far as international law is concerned, you're entitled to travel using either your maiden name or your married name. (My British friend lives in Italy, with her Italian husband, but they lived in the USA for thirty years before that). She's got valid travel documents from the UK, the USA and Italy, using both her maiden name and her married name together with two different forenames!

Whether the US authorities will accept a passport application in your maiden name is entirely a matter for them though. (i.e. the USA might have its own rules, which differ from those elsewhere in the world). I suggest calling the US Customs and Border Protection inquiries office on (877) 227-5511 for a definitive answer.

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Can I Renew Us Passport With Maiden Name?

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